Apple Car: Apple and Kia are near to the agreement of Apple car (Apple News)

Apple car

According to CNBC, Apple is in discussion with Hyundai Kia to build an Apple car. Apple car will be designed and developed by Apple and built at the Hyundai Kia plant in west point, Georgia. That is about 90 miles southwest of Atlanta. Hyundai Kia has enough available capacity there. According to CNBC, Apple and […]

10 Top Technology Trends 2021

Top technology trends 2021

Top technology trends 2021. Nowadays, life is too fast. We observe many changes on a daily basis. New technologies make an impact on our lifestyle. In business, we use technology to increase our business. If we talk about our lifestyle, technology helps us to maintain our health and a busy routine. Everyone is busy and […]

Good News for Self-Taught Programmer in 2021

Good News for Self-Taught Programmer in 2021

I think 2021 will be one of the best years for aspiring self-taught programmers, better than any year in the past. This might be a little bit controversial because we’re going through a pandemic technically. Still, the economy has suffered a lot, so it’s straightforward to be all doom and gloom. But there still are […]