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If you think you have a striking command of coding and programming-related stuff, you should not miss that opportunity. If you have remarkable knowledge and know a lot about coding, let’s prove it here. We are giving you a fair chance to prove yourself by publishing content related to programming, coding, Ethical Hacking, Android Development, C / C++, or any other topic in which you think you can write highly knowledgeable content.

Types of Content

Coding Proton is not for providing advice on relationships, pets, health, or any other stuff like that.

Coding Proton was published only for providing programming and coding-based advice.

Make sure you should write only for programming and coding-based articles, which lead you towards your programming journey and give you a chance to share your knowledge with your programming and coding community mates.

You can publish detailed tutorials of app developments, web development, Android development, or any other programming and coding-based tutorials. You think you have a remarkable skill to write and share knowledge with other new programming and coding community mates.

Compelling News:  Yes, you can write about the latest programming and coding news that you think there is a lack of that news that you should share with mates.

It doesn’t mean that you will become a reporter; you can publish the latest news only for knowing someone who didn’t know about it.

How-To: You can write How-to guides and let other people know how programming and coding stuff work from web development to software framework. All how-to articles are most endorsed.

You can share knowledge in an instructional way, and you can quickly grab the reader’s attention or mate.

Personal Reports: Personal reports show that you are a high-authority, reputable and professional programmer; coding protons encourage those who can create individual pieces.

NOTE; If you are writing other articles instead of that, we will approve it, but we will prefer you to follow our suggestions.

Limitations & Protocols

There are some limitations and protocols that you have to follow while writing a blog post or article.

If you follow these protocols, your article will be approved quickly without any further complications.

Note these things in your minds.

  1. The length of an article should be between 800 to 2000 words only; Increment and decrement can be possible if there is any most valuable beneficial knowledge for the community.
  1. Don’t write inappropriate words just for the sake of making it lengthy.

 Create short and valuable content.

What you are saying or what you want to deliver by writing an article can help the community.

  1. Images or videos should be your own; if not, then also mention the rightful owner.

Images size must be under 1000 pixels.

Submitting Your Article

While submitting your article, you should follow the below protocols.

  • Connect with coding protons or get in touch with our team by using the contact us page.
  • Introduce yourself and what kind of article you want to write describe it accordingly.
  • If you can show us your portfolio or blog, then you must share it with us.
  • If you published some of your articles somewhere on any blog or website, you must share links to these blog posts or articles.
  • I what niche or keyword you want to write, discuss it, and explain why you want to write on that keyword.
  • Don’t worry in case of a late response. We will try to reach you as soon as possible.

If you think you should write for coding protons quickly, visit our CONTACT US page.

Avoid the Following

  • Coding Proton is an authority website. So, as an authority website, we also want authority content, so don’t write content that doesn’t have any authority; make sure your content has power.
  • Grammar mistakes, poor English, Bad language, or inappropriate language will be considerable, so make sure to write as sweetly as possible.

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